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    celebrating 50

    Celebrating 50 years of Scouting in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Welcome! We are going to blog our recent activities and trainings right here, and while these can be attractive for some, we might as well thought that these must be purposeful for the most of our recepients. The trainings and advancements that each Kidapawan Scout has for them are but supplementary to their journey to the highest rank in scouting- to be an Eagle Scout!




Orientation Day 2013

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The KIDS will hold its Annual Orientation on June 29, 2013 at the BSP Cotabato Council Board Room.

Expected to attend are interested Scouts who wish to climb the true essence of BSP Advancement Program.

The activity will be headed by the training team and regular members who are on their way to their ultimate goal, the Eagle Scout Rank.




KIDS Reaches New Milestone

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The KIDS has reach another milestone after CSE Floripes H. Flores recently announced the approval of the first ever Eagle Scouts of Cotabato Province to receive a Bronze Anahaw Award, all coming from the KIDS. The three recipients ES Scouts are, Imiel Calric C. Plang, Alfred Jan G. Naparan & Fredde Rick Jan G. Naparan. The trio will soon receive their Bronze Anahaw Pins and badges on the next Annual Council Meeting and Court of Honor.

The trio’s patience paid off after working and complying on their requirements for a year and waited for almost another year for the results and approval. The three Scouts composed the second batch of KIDS Eagles Nest.

In another development, the KIDS recently re-opened the Boy and Senior Scouts Advancement Program and formalized the Rover Scout Advancement Program. The KIDS is one of a few (if not only) Institution in Cotabato Province with a Rover Peer who has undergone Basic Training Course in Rovering and attended the NSTP Rover Seminar and Accreditation at Cebu City sometime in 2005 with CSE Flores.




Website User Membership Re-opened

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The MT. APO KIDS website Administrators re-opened the Users Registration to those legitimate KIDS members.

Fresh from the Orientation and Screening Activity at Le Reve Resort , Kisante, Makilala, Cotabato last June 7, 2012, the trainors decided to re-open the Users Registration so that Scouts will be able to access secured pages. The secured pages include Merit Badge Pamphlets and Rank Requirement Pamphlets that will guide the Scouts in their quest to become an Eagle Scouts.

To avail the privilege to use secured pages, members are requested to register their real & complete name(not aliases) on the User’s Name for verification and legitimate e-mail address before the approval.
Old registered Users are also advised to re-register.




Minutes of the Meeting

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Date: June 16, 2012
Venue: Toledo’s Residence

1. Aries V. Panes – Presiding Officer
2. SCA Rex N. Toledo
3. ES Jayloyd Alocelja
4. ES Neil Morala
5. ES Fredde Rick Jan Naparan, BAA

1. Annual Re-registration of the Institution.

The Training Team present unanimously approved the re-registration of the Institution for 2012 on the following premise:

a. There should be at least twelve (12) Senior Scouts members.
b. That those Eagle Scouts under 17 ½ years will be registered as Senior Scout and those Eagle Scouts over 17 ½ years old will be registered as Adult Leaders.
c. A registration fee of 55 Php will be charge accordingly to Scouts and 100 Php for Adult Leaders.
d. If the number of Senior Scouts is less than the required 12 members to constitute the Outfit Advisor, interested immediate family members of the training team,  will be prioritized to complete the rooster.

SCA Rex Toledo volunteered to try to raise/seek funds for the registration of the Training Team.

2. Resumption of the Advancement Program of MT. APO KIDS

The body unanimously approved the resumption of the advancement program. Therefore, the organization will accept new trainees and current members in good standing under certain provisions:

a. All applicants (new or current member) will undergo interview and screening that will be conducted on a designated time and date.
b. Successful applicant(s) will be granted entry to the training program on a “Provisionary Status” for 6 months, and must submit duly accomplished application form(s), waiver and required fees on a specified time and date.
c. A “Guarantee Training Fee” of 200.00 Php will be collected to all successful applicants upon approval of their application. The purpose of the “Guarantee Training Fee” is to raise funds for the program. The amount will be refunded to the trainee if trainee satisfactorily finishes his requirement for a period of one year. Otherwise, the fee will be forfeited in favor of the Institution if he fails to finish the prescribed requirements or voluntarily or involuntarily drop from the role.

3. Additional Rules and Regulation on the conduct of training.

a. The body unanimously approved to add and implement new rules and regulations on attendance of trainees. For a period of one (1) year, the Institution reserves the right to drop a trainee from the role on the following reason(s):

a.1 Four (4) absences without valid reason.
a.2 Two (2) consecutive absences during trainings without valid reason.
b. The body unanimously approved to add and implement new rules and regulations on completion of rank requirements. Trainee who fails to submit and finish his requirements on the period prescribed by the BSP Advancement Scheme shall be dropped from the role.

4. Conduct Orientation and Screening Activities
The body unanimously approved the motion to conduct an Overnight Orientation and Screening to interested applicants on July 7, 2012, 7:00 PM at Le Reve Resort, Makilala, Cotabato. The body further resolved that the applicants shall:

a. Submit on or before July 2, 2012 duly signed waiver and parents consent.
b. Bring duly accomplished Application for Membership Form duly signed by parents, own food provision for supper and sleeping comfort.
c. Shoulder the expenses for fare (to and from the venue), resort entrance fee (70.00 Php) and an additional 10.00 Php for his share on cottage rental fee.

5. Opening of Rover Scout Training Program

The body unanimously decided to accept Rover Scout trainees from other Institution or be registered under MT. APO KIDS but will be subjected to the existing rules and regulation.

At 5:00 P.M., Mr. Fredde Rick Jan Naparan moved to adjourn the meeting.




6 KID Scouts Confirmed Eagle Rank

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(edited from Naparan Bros. Jambo Balita contribution)

Scout Nelson Caroro Jr., Scout Jay Lloyd Alocelja, Scout Neil Everson Cunanan, Scout Neil Anthony Morala, Scout Joelyn Segovia and Scout Anna Louella Toledo of Montgomery Training and advancement Program of Kidapawan Scouts were ceremoniously conferred their Eagle Scout award during the National Court of Honor on October 27, 2011, 1:00 pm at Quiñones Hall, Camp Bulatukan, Makilala, Cotabato. (See gallery for more photographs)

Engr. Roger Villa from the National Council confirmed the new Eagle Scouts.

The dignitaries who were present were EMR RSD Jess M. Meris from EMR-DCC, Arnold A. Mamac, RSD Imelda Samson from Baguio City and Cotabato Council Board Chair Roberto Omandac. They awarded the medals, sashes and letter from the National Council to the 6 Scouts.

The newly inducted scouts took their Board of Review last May 24, 2011 held at the Cotabato Council boardroom. The panelists who conducted the review were ES Daniel De Guzman, ES Camilo Toledo III, WB Nestor Borra, WB Phil Jamero and WB Warlito Martinez.

“Being an Eagle Scout is a new challenge for us to prove ourselves” said ES Toledo during an interview referring to her and to ES Segovia being both the 17.5 th female Eagle Scout in the Philippines.

With the help and guidance of the training staff headed by SCA Rex N. Toledo, WB Aries V. Panes, RS Marlowe E. Llorito and WB aspirant John Tem Gaviola the six attained their ranks.